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The changing world of retail

The retail world continues to change as consumer demands for added convenience continue to grow. Consumers have become accustomed to almost-instant gratification whether it be via on-demand movies and music, same or next day delivery of online orders, and even smart appliances that purchase items automatically for them. For all retailers, ensuring a convenient, frictionless shopping experience both offline and online is now a must have .

Digital channels continue to be the source of the greatest retail growth and will soon influence most retail purchases: Forrester Research estimates that by 2022, e-commerce will account for 17 percent of total retail sales (ranging, by category, from 4 percent in grocery to 66 percent in electronics), while an additional 41 percent will be digitally influenced offline sales (with digital channels influencing as much as 30 percent of offline sales, even in mostly offline categories like grocery).

If there was ever a time to challenge assumptions and take bold actions, it is now and OurTradeHub is ready to assist you. We make it possible for you to provide your consumer with a convenient, frictionless shopping experience mixing offline and online capabilities. The shopper will have the possibility to buy your product when, where and how they want it. OurTradeHub gives the shopper the ultimate customer experience by ensuring products are always available for purchase across multiple selling points - no matter who owns the inventory.

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Source: Sanjeev Kumar and Satish Meena, Forrester Data: Digital influenced retail sales forecast, 2017 to 2022 (US), Forrester Research, November 2017, forrester.com

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