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OurTradeHub - It is time for a change in Retail

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OurTradeHub is the world's first ever fully digitised platform enabling the transparency of product availability between Brands and Retailers. It provides trusted trading between partners via smart contracts and instant payments and offers its users an extended omni-channel presence across all selling points. Stock is always available to maximise retail convenience and offer the ultimate end-customer experience.

Incentivised drop-shipment

As a Brand:

…your Retailers can carry your full assortment on their eCommerce site and never be out of stock.

...you can use your Retailer's eCommerce for local fulfillment if you are out of stock or want shorter shipping times while still owning the customer journey.

As a Retailer

...you can use your Brands for replenishment, reduce your out of stock situations and keep your customers loyal and satisfied.

OurTradeHub enables you to:

Buy from a Brand online and get it delivered from any stock-holding Retailer.

Buy from a Retailer online and get it delivered from the stock-holding Brand.

Drive traffic to your Retailers store for Click & Collect

As a Brand you can now use your retailers physical stores as local collections points - thereby offering Click & Collect capabilities instantly via your global network of multi-brand stores.

OurTradeHub enables you to:

buy from a brands B2C ecommerce website and have it collected from a Retailers physical store within few hours after having placed the purchase online.

Endless aisle

As a Brand your Retailers multi-brand physical stores can now carry an extended range and never be out of stock.

As a Retailer you can now offer your customers an extended assortment from their favourite Brands without impacting your liquidity.

OurTradeHub enables you to:

Buy in a Retailers physical store online via self-service kiosk or with sales staff supported tablets and have it delivered directly from the Brand.

How we do it?

Connect - Trust - Pay


Our API solution ensures fast, smooth, and automatic communication between your system and ours. This means you can provide the best customer experience. Our API is developed based on our experience within the retail industry and we guide you through the integration procedure to ensure that everything is setup right.


We build trust between the Brands and Retailers by using smart contracts to control the trading based on the negotiated agreements. These contracts are stored on blockchain technology, a decentralised ledger that insures transactions are trackable and irreversible.


Payment between parties are completed via (digital) payment systems that ensure the minimum cost of exchanging money globally.

With a global and seamless intelligent collaboration between producing Brands and Retailers we offer the ultimate customer experience by ensuring that the products are available anywhere at anytime and thereby also improve sustainability by reducing waste and freight cost.

OurTradeHub is backed by industry knowledgeable investors and we have a strong Board of Directors consisting of Peter Midtgaard, former owner and CEO of MENU, Rene Falch Olesen, Group CCO at DSV, Carsten Nielsen, former CCO at Top-Toy and Martin Kring, co-founder of Kring Group and Speedbooting.

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