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OurTradeHub - 2020-H1 Acceleration and Plan

As OurTradeHub enters the accelerated growth phase with ambitions to go from a startup to a scale-up, it's with great pleasure Interim CEO Kristoffer Ewald can give this Half year Status on the development of OurTradeHubs software and business.

Main achievements in 2020-H1

The main achievement in the first half of 2020 was the finalisation of the core software platform around the originally visionised three modules: Connect, Trust and Pay. With the microservices based architecture where API's expose the services for custom integrations, we're proud that the Webapplication is now in full release and customers are being migrated and onboarded rapidly. The webapplication enable a high degree of self-services incl. for example the digital signing of the trading contracts between the trading partners - a projects successfully run under a grant from Innobooster - The danish public Innovations foundation.

In addition to the digital contracts we've also finalised a new version of our product mapping interface which allow the TradingPartner - typically the Retailer - to map their namings to the ones used by the Brand they want to begin trading with - this is the pre-requisite for the automatic two-way synchronisation of products and stock counts between the parties.

And with easy integration to the most used invoicing solutions our Payment module is also working as envisioned, in order to automate the settlement of balances between the TradingPartners.

Roadmap in 2020-H2

The product roadmap for the second half of the year is very ambitious and include some key additional features we've been looking very much forward to share with our existing and future customers. This will include some much requested features:

  • auto-replenishment of stock for customers with physical shop outlets

  • event-level settlement of transactions between the Trading Partners

  • in-store endless isles on tablet and mobile with self-scanning functionality

  • full click-n-collect support for physical stores

  • further Internationalisation of the platform to handle international brands

As our development and customer onboarding accelerates the OurTradeHub software platform becomes a full feature platform for harvesting the huge efficiencies both economically and environmentally.

If you want to experience a demo of OurTradeHub and understand how we can help you accelerate your business growth - email [email protected].com or call + 45 53620125.

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