Risk Free
business growth

We allow ebusiness and physical stores to trade the full catalogue of brands without risk of overstocking


Out of stock

Out of stock situations are damaging to customer experience and mean lost business


Same day Pickup

Consumers increasingly require short or same day delivery time independent of channel


Risk Free growth

Test new products, categories or even new brands risk free

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Incentivized  drop-shipment 

Imagine if ... your Retailers can carry your full assortment on their eCommerce site and never be out of  Stock.


Imagine if ... you can use your Retailer's eCommerce for local fulfillment if you are Out Of Stock or wants shorter shipping time and you still owns the customer journey.

We are enabling:

Buy from Brand online and get it delivered from Retailer online.

Buy from Retailer online and get it delivered from Brand online.

Drive traffic to your Retailers store for Click & Collect 

Imagine if ... you as a Brand can use your retailers Physical Stores as local collections points - to offer your consumers Click & Collect instantly at your global network of multi branded stores.

We are enabling:

Buy from Brands B2C ecommerce and collect it from your Retailers physical store within few hours after ordering online.  

Endless aisle

Imagine if ... your Retailers multibranded physical stores could carry an extended range and never be out of stock .

We are enabling:

Buy from Retailers physical Store online and get it delivered from Brand online.

It is time for a change

OurTradeHub is the worlds first ever fully digitized platform that enables transparency of product availability across producing Brands and Retailers and enables trusted trading between the partners via smart contracts and instant payments. 

Connecting stores

Connecting physical and online stores between Brand and Retailers to optimise product availability.

Digital agreements

Digital trusted agreements ensure benefitial trade for all parties delivering or selling directly to consumers.

Instant payment

Payment between Brand and Retailer is executed immediately after each supply chain event.

Sustainable trade

Impact the sustainability agenda by reducing over-production and over-stocking. 

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